What do you do with a painfully slow computer?

Is your life going through a hard time because of the slow computer? Do the system’s start-up and/or shutdown take painfully long time? If you’re using the computer often, you might have been aware of the fact that your pc is getting even slower as time passes by. Fortunately, following things can help heal your slow computer.

Firstly, free up your RAM. It is the acronym for Random Access Memory. It’s the computer’s temporary memory for storing the programs (or parts of them) that you work on your computer on any given moment. When you do not have sufficient RAM, it may keep your computer slowed down. Unfortunately, it will hardly let the PC process the tasks you assign.

Each program that you install actually has some extent of RAM requirements. That means, when you’ve got too many of the programs installed, your computer’s speed will eventually slow down to a large extent. That’s one of the reasons you see a slow computer.

When your pc freezes while carrying out a lot of programs simultaneously, or simply slows down each and every time you order it to processes larger number of files, you know it's time you freed up some of the available RAM. A good way to do this could be by deleting unused programs.

You could also try and avoid opening up too many software applications at the same time. You may also consider adding more RAM to the motherboard. Fortunately, this is a pretty fast and inexpensive solution.

Along with this, you must try to speed up the data accessing process. As time passes by, the hard disk of your computer gets fragmented. This can decrease the in general speed of the system. When the files remain fragmented, the operating system is likely to take lots of time (at least unusually longer) to locate and access data. The easiest way out of this problem is just running the Disk Defragmenter on a regular basis. Did you know that your operating system has built-in application for such kind of task?

Then again, you also need to shield the computer against nasty spyware. These programs are designed to collect the usernames along with passwords that are entered through your computer. This way, your classified info gets at risk. Besides that, these malicious programs might also get the computer to run awfully slow. Fortunately, there are numerous anti-spyware programs which you can get for free in the net. All these above mentioned tips are equally effective in curing your slow computer.

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